About Us

Founded on the passion to help our local small business community thrive amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Gather Later gives our small businesses a chance to weather through this “social distancing” storm by encouraging consumers to buy gift cards now to use later. Just search, buy, and gather later.

Why Buy?

Has a small business ever donated or supported your local PTA, sponsored your kids sports team, hosted your public safety community, or gave to your non-profit? If you’ve answered YES you’re probably one of the millions of Americans that have benefited from having incredible local community partners! Most small business owners give without asking for anything in return, and love making a difference in the community – But now they need our HELP!

Who We Are

We’re two friends with a passion for local food, flavors, experiences, and services. We wholeheartedly agree with the cliché; small businesses are the backbone of the economy, and to make sure we continue to stand tall, Gather Later was born. For this reason, we’re offering no-cost referral services to all our local small businesses.

We believe that the pulse of community is with the small industry leaders that continue to support our community. Whenever we needed them, they always supported us!

Special thanks to our friends and community partners that have helped us develop, launch and make this site a reality.

Buy a gift card now and when the time is right, we will “Gather together to use for later!”