Frequently Asked Questions

Does this cost me anything now or will it in the future after I sign up?
No, this is absolutely a free service to use, donated to help you!
Do I need a website?
It helps, but not necessary. We would recommend that you at a minimum set up a social media presence so we can tag you in promotions we make for your business!
How do I find you on social media to tag my business?
You can click the social media icons at the top on the home page, or on Facebook @gatherlater and Instagram @gather.later
I don’t see my category of business or city? What should I do?
Contact us and we will fix that for you! Email at
I’m having technical issues what should I do?
Contact us and we will fix for you! Email at
Do you collect any fees from the gift card purchases?
Nope! We developed the site to be a “direct pass through.” Meaning, we just will help consumers find you.
Why are you doing this for free?
We have a passion for helping others and keeping small town vibes alive. You are the glue to our communities and we want to see you succeed!